I’m really obsessed with the performances of our app, and I keep pushing my guys to improve the software as much as I can. There are ways to speed up things by having proper hardware, network configuration and proper settings. Once everything is sorted out, you should get results as fast as what we’ve been measuring here at the studio

Bullet-time (time required to download all files, apply digital calibration and render the full mp4 at 1080p, ready to replay and share)

  • Raw mode, 120 cameras: 55 seconds

  • JPG 1080p, 120 cameras: 14 seconds

  • JPG 1080p, 12 cameras, 5 seconds

Photogrammetry (time to download files)

  • Raw mode, 175 cameras (full body scan): 70 seconds

  • Raw mode, 85 cameras (head scan): 45 seconds

Check out the demo below to feel the responsiveness of the software ;)