Multi-camera bullet-time studio & photobooth software suite

Can you really get a fully ready/calibrated mp4 file within 3 seconds for a 12 cameras kit? Yes.

Xangle Camera Server is a set of software that allows the complete steps for multi-camera work: connect, control, synchronize, calibrate, trigger, transfer files, archive, preview, share, publish.

Our system is currently used by brands, agencies and studios in all continents. It solves all of the usual headaches encountered when trying to connect multiple cameras together.

You can get started as soon as today by using only a few cameras, one usb hub and one computer (no need for external triggers, custom electronic components or complicated hardware)

So what is it about?

Our solution is about fast image calibration, fast replay, perfect calibration and so much more. Check out the full specs on the buy-now page. A few videos on this page also demonstrate how we use the software.

We also offer as an option full support / training for hardware (cameras, electronics, networking, structure, logistics, etc). Contact us to get started with multi-camera systems: / skype: ericsurleau