Multi-camera bullet-time software suite

*** NEW: a new super light-weight version of Xangle Camera Server is now available for up to 12 cameras. It works with simple equipment such as DSLRs, Usb hubs, Esper triggers and a Windows 10 computer. Full details are available here ***

Xangle Camera Server is a set of softwares that allows the complete steps for multi-camera work

  • connect,

  • control,

  • synchronize,

  • calibrate,

  • trigger,

  • download,

  • archive,

  • preview,

  • share,

  • publish

Our system is currently used by brands, agencies and studios in all continents. Most of our clients are switching from Breeze to Xangle. It solves all of the usual headaches encountered when trying to connect multiple cameras together.

A few of the built-in features:

  • Fast image calibration

  • Live preview / gallery

  • Full animation ready in less than 7 seconds (26 cameras)

  • Green screen and light-painting ready

  • Overlays, watermarks, intro, outro and animated background/foreground (set of png files), mp3 soundtrack

  • Interval triggering: and more complex timing

  • Sharing stations

  • Video gallery

  • Preview stations: latest video, 5 latest video loop

  • Output as mp4 or GIF

  • Video customization: speed, size, aspect ratio, number of repeats

  • Works with RAW files (auto extract/resize a jpg for fast preview during studio shootings)

  • Web based solution: control/preview everything from a cellphone (internet connection is not required)

  • Queue system to allow you to do offline email sharing until you get internet back

  • Monitoring page (sent emails logs)

  • Integration with popular online sharing systems (Picpicsocial, etc)

  • Usb triggering (no need for a fancy trigger box)

  • Auto backup on external device

  • Light-painting in bulb mode using a bluetooth mouse, a powerpoint presenter or with an optional trigger board + radio remote

  • *NEW "selfie" mode: self running station with a single screen to trigger (with countdown), preview and share)

  • *NEW controller mode: a single screen for your operator to trigger, discard videos, etc

We also do full support / training for hardware (cameras, electronics, networking, structure, logistics, etc). Contact us to get started with multi-camera systems: / skype: ericsurleau