Gear list

Gear list for bullet-time multi-camera work using Xangle Camera Server

This is the recommended equipment list to run our solution and this is exactly what we use at the studio and during our events. Many other items can be used instead of what’s listed below, but you’ll play safe if you go with what we suggest

USB-hub version / 12 cameras

Raspberry Pi version / 24 cameras

FAQ about the equipment

  1. Q: What camera models are compatible?
    A: Most Canon DSLRs are compatible. Avoid Canon T100/4000D as it doesn’t have the trigger port (but it works very well on the Full version as it is triggered through usb).

  2. Q: Are any mirrorless / point and shoot cameras compatible with Xangle Camera Server?
    A: Canon M50 works with the Basic/Pro version but lack the trigger port, making it useless. Canon G7x2 has the same issue. Canon EOS-R works based from the specs (to be tested) but only in the Basic/Pro versions

  3. Q: Do you support any other manufacturers than Canon?
    A: We do have basic support for Nikon (on the Full version only), but the triggering is so inaccurate that you’ll need an external triggering system (Esper trigger boxes). No Sony cameras can be used for the moment