Multi-camera trigger system

Camera triggering has never been easier. It is now possible to totally bypass any trigger cable / trigger box and use only USB cables + USB hubs to achieve perfect triggering. The big advantage is that you have less cables to setup, and you get access to various ways of triggering without using any additional hardware. Everything can be purchased on Amazon. Here’s what you need:

  • Canon DSLRs (we suggest the SL2/200D model, but any modern Canon Rebel camera is going to work properly)

  • 1x Powered USB hubs

  • One Windows 10 PC computer

Additional notes:

  • The accuracy is the same as using analog (audio) trigger cables / trigger boxes

  • We tested with up to 18 cameras on a single computer with great accuracy.

  • To scale up, it is possible to either use additional Windows computer or a bunch of Raspberry Pis (best option, 4 cameras per Pi)

  • These are samples using 154 cameras (50 Raspberry Pis) with strobes and with continuous light

  • The system works with most modern Canon DSLRs (dating from as old as the T3/1100D)

  • This software is used mostly for Bullet-time and Photogrammetry systems

  • Triggering and camera settings are operated from the same intuitive interface

Getting started

  • Software license details can be found over here (starting at 199$ for 12 cameras for one year):

  • This video explains the basic steps to get started:

Questions and answers

  • Q: Can multiple cameras be triggered at the same time?
    A: Yes! We are sending the trigger signal to all cameras under one millisecond. That being said, depending on your camera model / shutter condition, you’ll achieve a precision between 1ms and 8ms. To get even more precision, you can use strobes to freeze your subject at under a millisecond.

  • Q: Is it possible to trigger the cameras one after the other?
    A: Yes! From the Xangle Camera Server dashboard, you can set an interval from 1ms to 200ms. You can also create custom sequences to do more fancy triggering, including the Jump and Freeze mode.

  • Q: What camera models are supported?
    A: We support most Canon DSLR cameras and some recent mirrorless ones (accuracy has not been measured yet on the M50 and EOS-R, but triggering is possible). We do support models that don’t have a trigger port such as the 4000d. These models have been used a lot by either us or our clients: 100d/SL1, 200d/SL2 (best option IMHO), T3/1100d, T5/1200d, T6/1300d, t3i, t4i, t5i, t6i, t6s, t7, t7i, etc. For Nikon or Sony camera triggering, we highly recommend ESPER TRIGGERBOXES.

  • Q: Is it possible to use this system with smartphones?
    A: Yes, but the accuracy is really not as good. The best we got so far is 45ms precision. We support most modern Android phones. Check out our Android smartphone software bullet-time website for more details.