Photogrammetry image capture software through Xangle

High end 3d-scan / photogrammetry requires fast and easy image capture, and this is what Xangle Camera Server is about. Control hundreds of cameras using a single server. Download up to 250 raw files within 90 seconds on a full body scan or up to 85 raw files within 45 seconds on a head scanner. Xangle Camera Server breaks the usb-2 bottleneck of most DSLRs on the market by running one Raspberry Pi dedicated by camera. You can setup as many frame-preview monitor as you wish. That means that once you take the shot, you can quickly see a few angles on dedicated monitors (easy setup using a web-based interface)


  • Raw or JPG quality

  • Auto backup on external drive

  • Control all cameras settings from one central web based interface

  • Install as many frame preview as required (direct access to real time frame result from any angle when shooting)

How it looks like? Check out the video below:

Xangle Camera Server being used with the Atlanta Braves