About Xangle Camera Server

Xangle Camera Server is a set of softwares created to run a complete multi-camera system: connect, control, trigger, calibrate, preview, publish, share. It is currently used by many of the top bullet-time agencies around the world. It is the simplest solution to get started (no trigger system required), and can easily scale to up to 250 cameras.


Interval mode, web based modules, digital calibration, custom trigger sequences, touch screen enabled, api support, multiple replay and sharing stations, load-balancing processes, awesome dashboard, raw shooting, horizontal/vertical orientation, up to 6k resolution, ratio settings, mp4, gif and jpgs output, watch folder, branding, intro, outro, soundtracks, offline mode, green screen / chroma key, highly scalable through a network architecture, auto-dimmer, light-painting, rewind, easy camera numbering, frame preview, ultra fast render, selfie-mode, monitoring panel, watermark, animated background & animated foreground, blending mode overlays, color grading. Phew!


Xangle Camera Server has been created primarly for our own needs, but it is also currently used by agencies and teams on all continents. Here are a few of them:
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