Jump and Freeze bullet-time effect

THE JAF MODE! "Jump and Freeze". That's the new feature in Xangle Camera Server v1.10.6. It's been made popular by our friends at Life in 360 Indonesia as they were manually creating custom trigger sequences to create that effect. This update brings up a super simple method of achieving this effect using 3 sliders. The first one sets where you want to change the speed (usually half way)

My setup on this video:

  • 42x Canon SL1 + 24mm pancake

  • 14x Raspberry Pis (3 cameras per pi),

  • No external trigger system (USB only)

  • Kokuyo finger trigger

Camera settings:

  • f4.5

  • 1/200s

  • iso 3200

JAF sliders and default settings

bullet-time jump and freeze effect

Behind the scenes and full details:

Eric Pare