Seamless mode (custom interval trigger sequence)

I remember the day I asked my team to develop this feature. They were looking at me with a wth face. Yeah, I had been thinking about this for a long time, and I’m glad it works well. It doesn’t really make sense if you’re not in full 360, but if you are, wow!

Here’s the principle: when you trigger in interval mode from camera 1 to 84 (in a 84 cameras setup), there’s going to be a time bump at the end of the loop. That’s normal, it’s like playing a video you filmed in loop. But what if we could capture the time at equal moments from two different angles? That’s the seamless mode! Here’s the trigger pattern:

1 + 84
2 + 83
3 + 82
4 + 81

In the playback, we’ll get a seamless mode. No beginning and no end. But you’ll always see the same movement from two angles. Makes sense? (insert head-scratching emoji here)

Ok watch the video, it’s going to be more obvious ;)

Eric Pare